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30 Years of Adventures: Exploring the Wonders of Vietnam


Welcome to our latest escapade, where a group of 10 seasoned travellers in their 60s reunite for another unforgettable journey.

With three decades of adventure under our belts, we embarked on a 10-day tour through Vietnam, immersing ourselves in its rich culture, adrenaline-pumping activities, and mouthwatering cuisine. Here are the highlights of our remarkable experiences, laughter, and cherished memories from this extraordinary trip!]

Day 1: Arrival in Hanoi

The vibrant capital.

We gathered in Hanoi, eager to kick-start our adventure. The city’s energy enveloped us as we explored the bustling streets and took in the vibrant sights and sounds. Our first stop was the famous Train Street, where we marvelled at the remarkable sight of a train passing through a narrow residential area. We then delved into history with a visit to the Hanoi Hilton prison, learning about its role during the Vietnam War. As the sun set, we indulged in the city’s renowned nightlife, discovering delightful rooftop bars and restaurants offering breathtaking views.

Hanoi Travel Tip

Visit the Cloud Sky Bar in the Hoàn Kiem District. Perched on top of the JM Marvel Hotel, this delightful bar gave us spectacular views over the old Quarter and most of Hanoi. Staff were friendly and helpful, and drinks were reasonably priced with excellent service.

Day 2-3: Da Lat

Canyoning and Natural Splendours.

Leaving Hanoi behind, we ventured to Da Lat, a picturesque town nestled amidst lush mountains. Our adventurous spirits were awakened as we embarked on a thrilling canyoning experience, rappelling down waterfalls and plunging into refreshing pools. The surrounding natural beauty captivated us as we explored serene lakes and lush forests, allowing us to reconnect with the tranquillity of nature.

Da Lat Travel Tip

Visit the Xuan Huon Lake in the evening. All the lights and reflections are spectacular.

Day 4-6: Mui Ne

Coastal Bliss and Desert Adventures

In search of relaxation and coastal delights, we made our way to the idyllic paradise of Mui Ne. The serene resort offered the perfect backdrop for unwinding and rejuvenating our spirits. We basked in the warm sun, indulged in delectable seafood, and embraced the thrill of quad biking along the stunning coastline. Our laughter echoed through the air as we embraced the exhilarating experience of sandhill tobogganing, sliding down the dunes with pure joy.

Miu Ne Travel Tip

Visit the Ke Ga Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in South East Asia.
Ke Ga Lighthouse, Mui Ne, Central Vietnam

Day 7-10: Ho Chi Minh City

The Heart of Modern Vietnam

Our final stop was the vibrant metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, where history blends seamlessly with the dynamic energy of the present. We immersed ourselves in the city’s rich tapestry. Exploring local markets, savouring authentic cuisine, and indulging in retail therapy at bustling shops and boutiques made for the perfect chill-out day. From rejuvenating massages to leisurely strolls along tree-lined boulevards, we found moments of relaxation and enjoyed the charm of this bustling city.

Ho Chi Minh Travel Tip

There are great restaurants and bars everywhere, but if you feel like a break from the local food, we stumbled across a fabulous Mexican Restaurant, La Casa in District 1. The owner is a real character and spends his night visiting every table for a chat and a drink.

Our 10-day journey through Vietnam was a testament to our enduring friendship and shared passion for exploration. From the historical landmarks of Hanoi to the adrenaline-fueled canyoning in Da Lat, and the coastal bliss of Mui Ne, each destination unveiled its own unique allure. As we bid farewell to Ho Chi Minh City, we carried with us cherished memories, deepened bonds, and a renewed sense of wonder that only such adventures can foster.

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