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Discover the world’s enticing destinations with us! From the breathtaking Northern Lights in Iceland, the architectural marvels of Europe, to the exotic wildlife of Africa, the serene beaches of the Pacific, and the majestic mountains of the Americas. Embark on a journey to wondrous places, curated just for you.

More than cruises, we’re your global travel architects. From Europe to Asia, Africa, and the Americas, we curate unforgettable holidays—sun-kissed beaches, snow-clad mountains, idyllic islands.

As a full-service travel agency, we love crafting your perfect, personalised getaway, no matter the destination.


Popular Getaways

Melbourne Cup Packages

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is an unparalleled four day celebration of racing, food and wine, fashion and glamour.

Discover Japan and South Korea in 2024

Be mesmerised by the diverse uniqueness of Japan and South Korea. Here the future and past flawlessly collide as ancient traditions live on in a new world.

Europe In 2023

Europe is a rich and diverse continent full of history, stunning scenery, world-famous museums and so much more.

Iconic Rail Journey’s in New Zealand

Secure a memorable rail holiday to New Zealand's iconic destinations, during the best time of the year and for the best possible price.

Club Med Exclusive Collection

For over 70 years, Club Med has created its own distinctive art of living, a blend of chic and casual, a timeless travel experience that stands the test of time.

Immerse Yourself In Egypt and Middle East

From the must-see ancient monuments of Egypt, including the awe-inducing Abu Simbel, sleeping under the stars in a Bedouin-style desert camp, to sampling wines in Golan, Israel.