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South and Central America

Discover the treasures and magic of South and Central America

Prepare for a sensory journey through a tapestry of ancient cultures, stunning landscapes, charming towns, and pristine beaches.

South America invites exploration of its awe-inspiring landscapes and natural beauty. Experience an expedition ship’s adventure through the legendary Drake Passage, encounter fascinating wildlife, and marvel at remote beauty. Meanwhile, Central America, compact yet richly diverse, offers hidden treasures – from ancient civilisation ruins to wildlife-laden rainforests and sun-kissed beaches.

Planning your journey involves selecting destinations wisely due to the extensive distances. It is advised to focus on one or two countries and delve deep into their unique offerings. The KG Travel team is there to curate an itinerary that highlights your chosen destinations’, ensuring a genuine sense of the passion, vibrancy, and beauty that defines this remarkable part of the world.

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A Fusion of Time Honored Cultures, Captivating History, Remarkable Architecture, Charming Hamlets and Gorgeous Beaches.